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Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence
Academician, AI Research Scientist
Entrepreneur, Research Mentor

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I'm a passionate Research Coach and Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence with almost 2 decades of experience in Academia, Research, and Industry. I believe in research with the intent & encourages students to do applied research. I'm helping researchers to leverage AI in research to achieve Doctorate in record time.

Founder of Research Mentor Clinic, Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence.

Experience: Nearly two decades in Academia, Research, and Industry.

Passion: Dedicated Research Coach empowering researchers globally.

Expertise: Specializes in applied research, leveraging AI for swift Doctorates.

Impact: Empowered thousands of researchers, professionals, academicians, and students.

Recognition: Esteemed speaker at prestigious events, trusted journal reviewer.

Honors: Innovation Ambassador acknowledged by the Ministry of Education.

MY journey from academician to Mentor


This is the I started my journey as a Lecturer. This is the time when I first got intrigued to pursue Research. I was very much interested in reading & processing data and Research is the best way to explore this creativity of mine.

Started Ph.D.
Started My Ph.D.

In 2010, I embarked on my Ph.D. journey in Computer Engineering, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Motivated by curiosity and a desire to enhance my CV, I began this adventure. Little did I know that this exploration would shape my expertise and passion for the world of AI.

Started Consultancy as an AI Research Scientist

In 2013, I embarked on a new chapter of my career as an AI Research Scientist, offering my expertise as a freelancer. This endeavor allowed me to apply my academic knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios, shaping my skills and perspectives in the field.

Completed My Ph.D.

In 2017, I achieved a significant milestone in my academic journey by completing my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. This accomplishment marked the culmination of years of dedication, research, and perseverance.

Founded Deepiotics

In 2018, I founded Deepiotics, a one-stop AI and Data Science solution provider. From research and development to seamless deployment, we assist clients at every step, turning innovative ideas into impactful realities.

Research Mentor Clinic
I Chose to Empower Researchers

In the present, 2023, I've embarked on a teaching journey, sharing my knowledge through Research Mentor Clinic. My goal is to empower researchers, guiding them to achieve more than just their dissertations.

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My latest projects

These are some of my latest projects that are creating high impact in various industries

Covid-19 Detection

Get tested in 5 Seconds


Sales Analysis for SBI

MY Eyes

Vision to vision-less

Psychiatric Assessment Support Solution (PASS)

The application is developed for Psychologists who conduct initial screening of patients by speaking questions, process the voice input, convert into text and save in a database. Finally, generate detailed reports about mental health.

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DBA/Ph.D./Doctorate Mentorship

Research Paper Writing Mentorship

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