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From the beginning, with developing a compelling research topic, through the intricacies of crafting a comprehensive literature review and a solid research proposal, to the final stages of producing an A-grade analysis and a standout dissertation, we're here to guide you.

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4-Week Weekend Bootcamps

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Special bootcamp for Concept Paper, Literature Review, and Research Proposal. Hands-on live sessions with a DBA research coach where you will be completing the piece of your document in each session. a smarter, faster, and easier path to success with our comprehensive support system. Benefit from expertly designed Templates, effective Strategies, proven Frameworks, and an opportunity to engage in International Networking. Experience personalized attention in a small batch limited to only 5 participants. Secure your spot now and take a giant leap toward completing your DBA Milestone with confidence


Dive into our AI-Driven Research Excellence Program, a comprehensive suite designed to elevate your research with the power of Artificial Intelligence. This program is a blend of dynamic, video lectures and ready-to-use research templates on a user-friendly canvas, ensuring you have all the tools you need at your fingertips. With our specialized AI tools for research, you'll be able to enhance your projects like never before. Enjoy the flexibility of watching our content anytime, anywhere, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule

But that's not all – our program also includes interactive live Q&A sessions, where you can get direct feedback and in-depth explanations on pressing questions. Plus, you'll gain access to our private community support, a space to connect, share, and grow with peers who are just as passionate about Mastering research with AI.

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Specialized Dissertation Mentoring

Start to finish guidance on your dissertation journey - from structuring your table of contents to the final polish before submission. Our mentoring covers essential steps like template navigation, Word setup for dissertations, cross-referencing, and mastering referencing styles. Advance through writing with strategies for showcasing your work's originality, managing the writing process, and crafting every section meticulously.

Leverage AI tools for creating visuals, enhancing writing, language editing, and plagiarism checks. Conclude with expert advice on formatting and refining your academic style, ensuring your dissertation is submission-ready and stands out. Dive into a program designed for success.

Perfect Your Dissertation: Expert Editing & Originality Assurance

Ready to make your thesis or dissertation stand out? Click now for the ultimate solution to ensure your work is flawless and unique. With our expert services, your document will be meticulously proofread, professionally formatted, and thoroughly checked for plagiarism, all tailored to meet your university's specific guidelines. Don't miss the opportunity to present your work with confidence and leave a lasting impression. Get started today and transform your draft into perfection with our comprehensive support. Your exceptional, original thesis is just a click away!


Shift your attention to what's most important – producing outstanding work – as we take care of the heavy lifting. From handling tedious administrative tasks to setting up questionnaires, conducting quantitative data analysis, employing AI for coding and experiments, and creating compelling data visualizations, we've got you covered.

Our all-encompassing support frees you to concentrate on enhancing your research and delivering exceptional outcomes. Let us handle the complexities, allowing you to focus fully on achieving excellence in your work.

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Dr. Bhawna Nigam

Hi! My name is Dr. Bhawna Nigam,DBA Research Coach. I am Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence with almost 2 decades of experience in academia, research, and industry and have published 40+ research papers with 2 patents.

I believe in research with the intent of encouraging students to do applied research.

I am helping DBA students to achieve doctorates in record time. I trained 100+ DBA students with my coaching system. 50+ have completed the DBA.


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